Monday Swim Session

Last Updated: Wed 2 Feb 2022

Frequency: Weekly

Swim training is currently held every Monday from 9-10pm at Inverness Leisure. Sessions will be open to members only. Sessions run are run at £12 a month for fully coached training sessions, please support the club by filling the lanes!

What ever your swimming ability we can help you improve through:

Technique Drills and Skills

You will be introduced a number of challenging drills to improve your front crawl looking at areas such as body position, leg kick, arm pulls and breathing using targeted drills and practices.

Beginners Techniques

This will focus on newbies to front crawl. Looking at improving your confidence in the water, body position and structuring your sessions to improve fitness and technique. Please note this is not for complete beginners and the pool depth may be more than 1.7m.

Training Sets

Designed to move you away from “just swimming” in a training session to more productive training sets. Improve your speed and anaerobic endurance and take away ideas for incorporating into your own sessions during the week.

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