Club Development Plan

Last Updated: Sun 4 Mar 2018


Triathlon Inverness is a family, friendly club based in the North of Scotland. Our aim is to provide a fun and friendly environment that allows all members to reach their potential.

Whatever your age or ability, our weekly sessions aim to enable your fitness, technique and skills to improve.

We are striving to create a supportive club environment to challenge yourself, meet new people, develop friendships and have fun.

Whatever your goal, we positively encourage participation in your chosen challenge and our club events throughout the year.

This document

The purpose of this document is to set out a plan for Triathlon Inverness to achieve its mission and meet its stated objectives as set out in the constitution. These are noted below.

  • Increase participation in sport in Inverness from all sections of our community.
  • We will achieve this by providing a range of training and events to support people at all levels and abilities participate in multisport.
  • Our aim is to help people gain the confidence to take part in a new sport, get fitter and quicker and have fun!!!
  • To offer coaching and competitive racing opportunities in triathlon, duathlon and aquathlon
  • To promote the club within the local community and triathlon community
  • To ensure a duty of care to all members of the club
  • To provide all its services in a way that is fair to everyone and in line with our equity policy and that of triathlonscotland
  • To ensure that all present and future members receive fair and equal treatment

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The plan

Development area
1 Develop Coaching Team and Programme 1.1 Training/Coaching Plan in place for the year – Sport leads, training programme, succession plan and PDP for coaches etc, KC Oct-17
1.2 Consider options for putting club on a more sustainable footing – possible paid coaches and application to DCI? KC/ES Winter 17
1.3 1 candidate to attain UKCC Level 3 KC 2018
1.4 6 candidates to attain UKCC Level 1 KC 2018
1.5 Provide coaching opportunities for apprentice and newly qualified coaches. KC Ongoing
1.6 Ensure coaches are vetted through PVG, as required. KC 2013
1.7 Plan strength & conditioning, running, brick, swimming and OW sessions ES/KC Ongoing
1.8 Organise and Promote 3/4 family days a year KC Ongoing
1.9 Develop coaching programmes for athletes at all levels KC once qualified Ongoing
1.1 Establish Junior section – See below for specific development area KC/ES Winter 17
2 Events 2.1 Deliver Winter Duathlon series Coaching Team 2017/18
2.2 Develop and organise events for the year – suggested 2 events. One targeted at local athletes and 1 with OW targeted at wider audience to possibly become a championships event Events Team and SC 2017
2.3 Develop a social calendar including "meet and greet", summer Barbie, chrimbo night out and awards night. Events Team and Alan L 17/18
2.4 Organise event merchandise, medals, sponsorship etc for races. Also consider T-shirts for Events Team Per event
2.5 Consider possible training for events team from Tri Scotland Events Team Winter 17
3 Funding 3.1 Investigate new sources of income - private sector sponsorship, grants, enterprise TBC Winter 17
3.2 Investigate and Purchase equipment (swim aids, turbo’s etc) TBC Winter 17
3.3 Raise funds for club equipment (grants etc) TBC Ongoing
3.4 Organise club kit order JF Winter 17
3.5 Set up entry central for races and club membership Events Team and JF
4 Increase membership and profile of the club 4.1 Develop communications plan for the club. Particularly for events and training. TBC Ongoing
4.2 Continue to develop the website and advertising by ensuring regular updates and link with the media TBC Ongoing
4.3 Advertise in local media outlets Comms Ongoing
4.4 Investigate new venues and extend current training times JF/KC/ES
4.5 Produce and distribute membership survey MG
4.6 Develop new membership categories TBC
4.7 Hold annual open event Committee
4.8 Link with other stakeholders in area to establish links and pathways JF/KC/ES/AL
4.9 Establish Student membership and promote through UHI
5 Establish Junior Section 5.1 Identify youth lead TBC
5.2 Establish training times
5.3 Develop youth committee, link to main committee
5.4 Create code of conduct
5.5 Create all necessary documentation required, e.g. child protection policy, risk assessments, nop and eap
5.6 Build local competition structure
5.7 Develop links with other local triathlon clubs
5.8 Develop links with active schools
5.9 Develop links with other sports clubs
5.1 Develop youth performance section
6 Continuous Improvement and Mgt of the Plan 6.1 Quarterly Review of the plan at committee meetings Committee Ongoing
6.2 Annual Review and Refresh of the plan in November Committee Nov 2018

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