Team Fletcher at Isoman

Published: Thu 12 Jul 2018

Kate and James headed down to Isoman once again this year. Isoman prides itself on being a fairer triathlon in terms of equalising out the three disciplines.

Their website has the following statement:

'To excel at Iron distance triathlon you must be an excellent cyclist/runner. To excel in Isoman you must be an excellent triathlete.'

Kate had entered the quarter distance event (2.8k swim, 24.6k bike, 10.5k run) but evidently wanted to do a bit more cycling as she did an extra lap of the bike course and therefore cycled twice the intended distance.

Here's what Kate had to say about her day:

"So I did Isoman Quater distance Triathlon and everything went a bit wrong; cramp in second lap of swim, did an extra 22km on the bike due to getting very lost and nearly twisted my ankle in transition and finish running 10.5km in 32 degree heat feeling queasy, and still finish the race! Finished last in my race but still finished! Sometimes things don’t go to plan!"

James took part in the half Isoman (5.6km swim, 49.2km bike, 21.1km run) and came a very respectable 5th.

Well done Fletch and Mrs Fletch it sounds like you both did a great job in tough conditions.

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