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Published: Sat 1 Sep 2018

Can't swim, bike or run? Don't let that stop you doing a triathlon!
Lots of people put off joining the club or entering a triathlon because they don't feel they can't do the three disciplines or feel that they're just not fit enough to complete a triathlon. Well Sheree shows us that with hard work, grit and determination you can do a whole lot more than enter a triathlon.

Sheree's mission started back in September 2015 when she'd set herself a weight loss goal and employed the services of a personal trainer to help guide her along the way. After the 12 and 30 week time benchmarks she'd met her goals and then a month later surpassed them having lost a total of 6 stone! Sheree started at 15 stone 2 and subsequently reached 9 stone 2 which is an incredible achievement and two years on, Sheree has managed to keep it off. Sheree managed to achieve all this through watching what she ate, actually eating more food but just better food, weight training and a lot of stubbornness!

Sheree's set some pretty awesome weight lifting PBs: Bench Press: 57.5kg Deadlift: 105kg Squat: 92.5kg Trapbar Deadlift: 136kg

and is now able to lift over twice her own bodyweight which is something she's always wanted to be able to do!!!

When Sheree started this whole process, the last time she ran was at school (she's now 43) and the furthest she could cycle was from her house to her parents and she hadn't done any exercise in a long time!

Nevertheless she completed her first triathlon, the club run 'Nairn Triathlon', in 2017 and plans to do it again this year. Sheree said: 'I was the person last year that sent an amazing amount of random swim question for the few weeks leading up to it. I had no idea what to expect, had never met any of you before but knew it was something I wanted to do so just took a great big leap of faith and quite literally dived in head first. IT was fantastic and everyone made me feel so welcome and not in the least bit stupid.'

Sheree completed a whole host of other bike and run related events in 2017 as well and has continued on with full force this year. Check out everything she's done this year with some of Sheree's comments about the events (and we're only 8 months through):

Wee Triathlon Fort William: 400m swim 10 mile cycle 4 mile run. Hell from start to finish - lol! Got so cold waiting to swim; cycled in rain, snow and incredible wind; run got increased from 3 miles to 4 on the day with a bloody big hill at the end - lol! Not my favourite event but I had set my sights on doing and I did it . Mind over matter, no I won't be doing it next year :-)

Etape Loch Ness: Did it this year and last year. Last year was fantastic as I had only just taken up road cycling when I did it and still managed to complete it in under 5 hours. This year was just mind over matter as I had been suffering from vertigo for 3 weeks leading up to the event. Note to self next time withdraw from race!

Glen Affric Dualathlon: My first duathlon I did it as part of a pair and competed in the cycle - 18 miles of relentless hills. Loved it! Everyone was so friendly and happy to share advice. My partner doesn't cycle and I don't run that far so it was a perfect combination for us both.

Kinguissie Bikeathon: 24 miles of a family friendly cycle, really lovely people and as its non competitive. It was lovely to chat to people going round. It was the first cycle event I did when I started losing weight so it was nice to redo it.

Ski Road Challenge - 86 miles of pure hell! Aviemore - Cairngorms - Aviemore - Lecht - Aviemore lots of hills, lots of miles and incredible heat the day we did it. A personal challenge on many levels just to see how far I could push myself. Plus good training for Paris.

Corrieairick Challenge - 13.5 mile walk then 38.5 mile road cycle. I completed this 4 days after the ski road challenge. This was deliberate again just to see how well I would do and to test out nutrition & recovery strategies for Paris. Everyone was so friendly and a lot of laughs and a lot of offers of help for people that were suffering in the heat as it was boiling hot that day! Trying to get changed in a portaloo tent in the sweltering heat was an interesting experience from walk to cycle. Next time I'm just getting changed out in the open!

And so, that brings us to the title of this blog post but let's just remind ourselves that Sheree started out only being able to cycle one mile and was 6 stone heavier so you can appreciate the amount of effort, blood, sweat and tears that has gone into all this. So, she's off to Paris but by BIKE! The London to Paris cycle in aid of Women's Cancer is on the 6th September it is 240 miles over 3 days. There are 150 of us doing it. I hadn't planned on doing it but a friend asked if I would help her train so I though why not I might as well just do it. We had to fund raise a minimum of £1600 each plus obviously fund a lot of our own transportation, accommodation etc. I have been doing car boot sales, holding quiz nights etc actually the fund raising has been harder than the training. The support has been amazing and I have put everything into it. I actually failed my last medical twice last month due to my asthma but after seeing what Ive done the past few weeks they are more than happy for me to do it but I have to have extra insurance, just goes to show you should never let anything hold you back! If you're interested in donating to the cause that Sheree is raising money for you can go to her page here:

In a write up from her personal trainer about Sheree's progress from when she started to the 30 week mark we can see that more than just health and fitness have developed: 'Sheree has blossomed from someone with low self confidence and low self-esteem whom was painfully shy and quiet to someone that has suddenly come out of the shadows and embraced life to the full - she has a spring in her step, always smiling and is happy, always good banter and full of cheek!' We're delighted that Sheree's smiling, bubbly, confident self took the plunge, tried a triathlon and joined the club. We wish you every success in your latest and future challenges!

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