Loch LoMan

Published: Thu 12 Jul 2018

Loch LoMan is a race I've done a few times before and it's always very enjoyable albeit quite a tough bike course with over 1200m of climbing in about 85km!

It was an interesting start as I found my accommodation which entailed collecting the key from a local kebab shop and the 'breakfast included' consisted of a pack of ASDA smart price scones (no butter or jam) and a few other bits and pieces. Still, usually at races you don't get to eat the breakfast as you leave too early, at least with this one I could take it with me.

The race has typically been run in May but this year it was moved to June in the hope of slightly warmer waters. They were definitely warmer but the general consensus was that it was still a bit baltic!!!

On the bike I had a hard time catching up to the first place female which took me about half the bike course. After that, we seemed to play a game of leap frog for a while where one of us would pull out into the lead for a bit but she got the better of me in the end.

After the first quarter of the run I think I was about 30 seconds down but then my legs appeared to give up and I ran pretty terribly for the remainder of the race but it was enough to get my 2nd place female and 6th overall so I was happy with that. I was delighted to get a Big Bobble Hat and a bunch of flowers as a prize.

Nigel was delighted to hear that they've taken on 'his' run route which he accidentally ran the first year of the race (and also took another competitor with him) which just goes along the riverside rather than the figure of 8 type course that existed before.

This is a great race that many club members have taken part in over the years and it offers both the middle distance and standard distance to choose from.

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