Laura's adventures swimming in the Artic Circle!

Published: Fri 20 Jul 2018

Myself and five other local swimmers have just returned from an organised swim in the arctic circle. This takes place annually and offers a 3k and 2k choice of distance along the Torne river in the arctic circle.

The swim started in Juoksengi in the sparsely populated far north of Finland and finished in Juoksenki in Sweden, crossing the time zone. The 3k swim commenced just after midnight and for those swimmers completing the distance in under an hour, they finished the day before they set off. Fortunately all of our group managed to finish the day before, which had been the main attraction of the event for us.

Those who swim with me regularly will know how much I love my neoprene, but many folk chose to swim non-wetsuit as the weather had been unseasonably warm and the water temperature made wetsuits non-mandatory.

The start line was intimidating, being surrounded by scores of athletic looking Scandinavians who treat swimming as an everyday pastime. They are blessed with an abundance of open water in their landscape. We did Scotland proud. My official time for the 3k was 40:22 and all of our group finished within minutes of each other, which was lovely, having regularly trained together.

We were away for a week and squeezed a daily swim in somewhere new on our travels. They may have a beautiful landscape, but the midges there are worse than our west coast!

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